Plenty Of Changes This Year At Lunchtime For Pinellas Students

LARGO, Fla. — Lunch time at Pinellas County Schools looks a little different this school year.

  • Changes to Pinellas schools lunch offerings
  • 7 new entrees and vegan options
  • Food trays also now made from recycled materials

It’s not just what’s being served in the lunch line, it’s what the food is being served on, too.

The day we visited Oakhurst Elementary School in Largo, the mandarin orange chicken and rice bowl was on the menu.

“It was good,” said 2nd grader, Khloe Thomas.

The entrée is one of seven new menu items available throughout Pinellas County Schools.

There are also vegan options.

“Every school in Pinellas County has at least one or two vegan options on our menu every day,” said Robin Reed, Food Service Manager II.

That food is being served on environmentally-friendly products.

“Our serving trays for the children are all made of paper products now,” said Reed.

“We’re getting away from the Styrofoam, the serving trays are made of wheat grass and all of the product are also made in the US.”

The District says all meals meet nutritional guidelines.

New options for a new year.

“I think that students even of younger elementary age are becoming more aware of things like recycling, composting, farm to table foods,” said Reed.

Students seem to be open to the new options.

“Because it would be boring if they had the same thing,” said Khloe.