Largo Music Teacher Wins Free Meals For Year In National Contest

Students say music teacher Johnathan Bosse is the best part of Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School in Largo.

LARGO, FL — A Largo school teacher will receive free meals for the school year, thanks to the healthy meal delivery company, Sun Basket.

Johnathan Bosse, who teaches sixth- through eighth-grade music at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School, has been named a winner of the Treat Your Teacher campaign.

Sun Basket invited people across the country to nominate a special teacher in their lives to receive free Sun Basket meals for the entire school year. The company received 450 nominations but only 10 teachers were named winners.

According to Sun Basket, Bosse takes his role as an educator to a level beyond simply teaching music. He has become an empathetic ear for students to go to about the issues they’re facing outside the classroom.

“A colleague recently approached Mr. Bosse and told him about an assignment he had given his students asking them to write about the best part of Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School. He told Mr. Bosse that almost half of his students said that the best part was Mr. Bosse. Many students and parents have also told him that Mr. Bosse is the only reason they go to school,” wrote the nominee.