Largo Boosts Public Safety with Next-Generation 911 Technology

The Largo Police Department is the first agency in Florida to adopt Carbyne’s next-generation 911 communication technology.

LARGO, FL — The Largo Police Department is blazing a trail for public safety by becoming the first agency in Florida to adopt Carbyne’s next-generation 911 communication technology.

Carbyne’s cutting-edge first response communications plug-in c-Lite will give th Largo Police Department emergency call-takers access to real-time data, such as:

Automatically updated device location to help pinpoint callers with industry-leading accuracy

Call-taker controlled live-streaming video from a caller’s smartphone, helping call-takers to better assess the situation and decide the right resources to dispatch

Silent instant messaging when verbal communication isn’t possible or any noise might draw unwanted attention to the caller

Plus, c-Lite will be quickly and easily installed as part of the LPD’s legacy emergency system – which means it can be implemented within hours, with no expensive downtime.

“The Largo Police Department is a state- and nationally accredited police agency of excellence. Our sworn and civilian staff are committed to providing professional police services to the residents of Largo – including the best emergency response system we can offer,” said Largo Chief of Police Jeff Undestad. “We are delighted to be Carbyne’s first Florida customer to improve our 911 services. This technology will certainly improve the quality of life and partnership with our citizens.”

“We’re looking forward to bringing the latest 911 technology to Largo, to improve response times and first responders’ success,” said Amir Elichai, CEO and founder of Carbyne. “Implementing Carbyne’s NG911 plug-in will give LPD the tools they need for more effective first response, which can make a big impact on the outcome of an emergency incident, sometimes even the difference between life and death.”