Football Player Says His Biggest Win Is Off Field: Being Dad

Donavan Hale says his most important title is “Dad.”

LARGO, FL — Indiana University football wide receiver Donavan Hale, a graduate of Largo High School, is known for his accomplishments on the field.

He was named “Most Outstanding Offensive Player” this spring and received an honorable mention in All-Big Ten last season.

Balancing his coursework as a liberal studies major and commitment as a college athlete is demanding enough, but Hale says his most important title is “Dad.” His son Weston, who is turning 2 later this month, is known for being Hale’s “workout buddy” and biggest motivation.

It’s rare to hear about a successful, Division I student athlete who is also a devoted father, but Hale said it’s simply a matter of support.

“I have a great support system in my family and Weston’s mother’s family. Weston’s mother helps out a lot. She understands my schedule,” Hale said. “We work together and figure everything out because she’s still in school, and she’s still working.”

Hale said the birth of his son transformed his life in ways he couldn’t imagine.

“He was born June 28, 2017,” said Hale. “For anyone who knows Weston, he’s just like me and that’s pretty much goofy.”

Hale would still describe himself as goofy but Weston’s birth has changed him in other ways.

“I had to become more responsible,” he said. “The basic father figure.”

As for advice for other young fathers, Hale offered this:

“It’s pretty simple: Be there for your child, because young boys and girls need that male figure in their life.”