Art Guild Opens Holiday Show in Treasure Island

TREASURE ISLAND – Treasure Island Art Guild members Gerry Bourlon, Nancy Di Napoli, Annie Dwyer, Judy Van Orman, and Pat Zill open their holiday show at the Treasure Island Community Center through Jan. 2.

Artist Bourlon’s watercolor, a “Day at the Beach,” exhibits glowing complementary hues while suggesting a scene of living in the moment. Experience the intricate design patterns and symmetry of a “Sea Life Kaleidoscope” and the electrifying energy of “Galloping Ostriches.” Fluid acrylics spotlight brilliant color and form, a prime example of getting all your “Ducks in a Row.”

Enter the world of acrylic artist Di Napoli, who delights in her craft, as she considers it an “ongoing learning experience.” Our feathered friends are featured in “Great Blue Heron,” “Wood Stork Sunset,” and the beautifully chiseled patterns in “Puffin Dreams of Rain.” A change in technique displays a “Flower Bowl” collage.

Basically self-taught, award winning artist Dwyer, with the luminous quality of pastels, describes a tender moment in “A Kiss Brings a Smile.” “A Morning Walk Together” and “Head of Class” capture the calm and attentive character of horses in a dressage moment. Tranquility abounds in the “Pleasure of Any Countryside.”

Oil painter Van Orman experiments with various techniques as she studies the work of the best contemporary artist ever, Pablo Picasso, as displayed in her “Picasso Faces.” Dramatic value contrasts in “Back Off” scripts the world’s largest mammal, while saturated hues yield a traditional approach in “Show-Off” and “Take a Break.”

A passion for color and nature define the artistry of watercolorist Zill. A “doodle” evolved into a translucent “Bubble on Koi Pond.” The simplicity of “Beauty Sleep” speaks to “less is more.” “Wonders of Rhythm” combines strokes of realism in an abstract venue while “Garden Finds” suggests a day spent with the beauty of our planet.

The Treasure Island Community Center is located on 106th Avenue, just east of Gulf Boulevard. Call 727-547-4575, ext. 238, for hours of operation.